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Uncle Bill
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by Jack on Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill is the man!

It took me a few trys on the exam to pass, but once you study and memorize all of his quizzes you will do just fine! Also he is very funny! And makes a rather boring industry, not so boring!

by Nicole Woodart on Uncle Bill
Best Hands Down

I am 31 years old and I have been doing insurance since I was 19 years old. I got my property and casualty license after a year of trying through Kaplan financial and even when I got my license I didn't even understand what liability was but was able to pass the license after a year of trying then I let my license go and wanted to get them back and was recommended to go through uncle and it was hands down the best experience I've ever had in any type of classroom setting. There's no other insurance classes that can even compare. I get told all the time that I am the insurance guru and that I explained insurance easily to my clients and for that reason have perfected getting all my leads on a referral basis all thanks to Uncle bill. He breaks it down for you and explains everything very comprehensive reading material and perfect practice tests. I will never go anywhere else if I ever need to get a license.

by Kristen Eavey on Uncle Bill
Take this course if you want to Pass the State Exam!

I took Uncle Bill's P&C course last week and passed the state exam with ease this week. He teaches the concepts in ways that you will retain it for the state exam. He is an awesome instructor and I highly recommend taking this course!

by Charlie Beaubien on Uncle Bill
Great Teacher

Great teacher. Very helpful.

by T Spearman on Uncle Bill
Great Instructor!

Uncle Bill is a great instructor. I took his live online P&C class. He kept me awake, which is hard to do when I'm at home in my comfy chair. He taught concepts using real life illustrations and kept us entertained. I hope he continues to teach online so those in all areas are able to benefit from his classes. UB you ROCK!

by Lindsey on Uncle Bill
18 years later, I still think of what I learned in this class!

Just recommended Uncle Bill to another agent looking to get a staff person licensed. It has been over 18 years since I sat in his class, but I still can recall the knowledge I learned during that week. Insurance is boring, but Uncle Bill kept it fun. Passing the exam was easy because I was able to remember the way he explained things to us with real life examples. He is outstanding!

by Keyen on Uncle Bill
Uncle Bill

Great teacher that makes the content very easy to understand while also keeping the class entertaining. Overall great experience with Uncle Bill.

by Victoria on Uncle Bill
Passed First Time

Highly recommend Uncle Bill's for your insurance licensing material, passed my exam on the first try! Easy to read and understand. Excited to work on my life and health next, will be using Uncle Bill's again for my studies!

by Aldina Zeciri on Uncle Bill
Couldn't have done it without Bill!

I took Uncle Bill's courses and passed my exam on the first try. Can't say enough great things about him. He made the material easy to understand. Thank you Uncle Bill!

by Jared on Uncle Bill
Passed first time

Thanks Uncle Bill. I did the self-study. I read the L&H book cover to cover, did the practice exams a bunch of times each and passed the licensing exam this morning.

by Shannon on Uncle Bill
15/10 Recommend

I've taken both his P&C and Life/Health classes and passed both of my exams first attempt. He broke down the information as easy to understand and didn't teach the unnecessary junk, you learn what you need to know for the exam. Plus, you won't doze off during his class, he makes it fun.

by Eddie B on Uncle Bill
Amazing Teacher

I attended his class and passed the P&C Exam a couple weeks later on the first attempt. Uncle Bill is a fantastic instructor and uses real-world examples and terminology that will be stuck in your head for good reasons. If you take the practice quizzes multiple times and study the questions for you got wrong you will pass the licensing exam. I will recommend his classes to anyone who needs it!

by Ali Hamade on Uncle Bill

Awesome material awesome book for the P&C course. I originally went thru Kaplan and couldn't even come close to passing the state exam I purchased uncle bill is material studied it for 3 days went and took the exam the very next day and passed. Definitely would recommend his material and course to anyone who is eager and struggling to pass the test and start working in the industry. In the next couple weeks ill be purchasing the L&H course so I can prep for that and go take that state exam. Your awesome you material is awesome keep up the great work and the drive that you follow in order to make sure your students to pass.

by Michelle Nieswender on Uncle Bill
Amazing teacher

Lets take a 30 second time out with a little moment of understanding, that Uncle Bill is an exceptional teacher who is very knowledgeable about insurance. His classes are taught with such passion that it transcends to each student who wants to accomplish their licensing in insurance. Uncle Bill includes "real life" stories that are great examples of what is expected in the insurance world. I highly recommend his class to be successful in passing the state exam.

by Lindsay Lewis on Uncle Bill
The BEST instructor!

Uncle Bill teaches you in a way that you wont forget the information from class. I have taken P&C and Life and Health and passed both thanks to Uncle Bill. I am NOT a good test taker at all. Highly recommended!!!!

by Al Smith on Uncle Bill

Great self-study class. The online quizzes really helped show me the areas I needed to work on. Thank you.

by Ashley on Uncle Bill

oh my god!! uncle Bill's insurance study is amazing! I pass my insurance exam because uncle Bill' s study material is excellent!! Thank you so much uncle Bill !!! Highly recommended!!!

by Morgan Nyquist on Uncle Bill
Exceeded my expectations

Uncle Bill’s class exceeded my expectations. Before the class I was anxious about whether or not I would be able to comprehend the material. Uncle Bill teaches his class in a very effective way, allowing the material to sink into your brain while keeping you interested at the same time. The examples he provides of each concept are EXTREMELY beneficial in both the comprehension and memorization of the material. Personally I am not usually good in a classroom setting and struggle to stay focused for long periods of time. Bill made the class FUN and kept my attention. I took the state exam a day after completing Uncle Bill’s class and PASSED! One thing is for sure, I couldn’t have done it without him, I would recommend his class to everybody!

by Jessica Attebury on Uncle Bill
Amazing Instructor

Uncle Bill has a passion for teaching. He molds his class to what we need to learn and retain. He included everyone in his class in examples to keep our attention and made sure we understood what was important. He was always available for questions and brought personal stories into his teaching. I was told by many people at my agency that he was the best to go to for pre-licensing and I know he is for sure. I will definitely check his classes in the future. He sets you up to succeed and not to fail. He is so passionate about helping people you can see it. He is very entertaining and his stories and examples helped me retain a lot of the information we had to learn.

by Lorie VanWerden on Uncle Bill
Thank Goodness for Uncle Bill

I just had to take a moment to give a shout out to Uncle Bill's books and training. I started out on this journey with another book and on-line quiz (which shall remain nameless) and had to read most of the content several times over just to make sense of it! Then someone told me to check out - I basically watched one video and said 'YES! This is my style of learning!' and signed up immediately. SO glad I did - I was able to pass both Property and Casualty and Life and Health state tests on the first attempt and all thanks to Uncle Bill for making his content engaging, entertaining and something that sticks to memory. Some of his stories I will never forget and I loved this line in the texts and classes 'now once more with FEELING' - 🙂
Have some fun, learn and pass your tests with Uncle Bill! You won't be sorry!

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