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Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison

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I was raised in an insurance family; both my Mom and Dad were licensed insurance agents. Where most kids learn to say Mama or Dada, I was saying commission and contingency. Insurance is my native language and I understand it very well. I was first licensed in 1986 and have worked at various insurance agencies since then. Currently my Wife Laura and I are co-owners of our own insurance agency.

I first starting teaching insurance in 1992, from that moment two things shaped my future; I loved teaching and I discovered I had a knack for it. This path started by pure coincidence and it lead me to teach all over the country. I have taught insurance classes from east to west; New York to Oregon and many places in between.

In 1995 I taught my very first pre-licensing class and I was drawn to the idea that my teaching could have an immediate impact on people’s lives. The people that attended pre-licensing classes needed to pass, they weren’t there to just merely pass the time and get a certificate of completion. They needed to pass in order to keep their job and provide for their family. I felt that my abilities to teach were well suited for this purpose. The main difference between the way I teach a class and others is that I am able to use everyday language to explain complex insurance concepts. Many instructors insist on using insurance language to explain insurance concepts because they toil under the idea that they are in the insurance industry. Whereas I view myself as being in the communications business because it is my sole purpose to effectively communicate what is in the textbook so that you can pass the exam. Once you pass the exam then you can go on to your insurance career.

I could have continued to work full time in an insurance agency or travel the country speaking in front of large crowds but I felt pre-licensing was my calling, my purpose for being. I know that sounds pretty deep so don’t get me wrong, I like to have fun while teaching. I know all too well that you are spending not only your hard earned money but your precious time to come to my class. When you come to my class, time passes quickly and as a result so will you. You won’t be falling asleep and as such you won’t be missing critical information that you will need to pass the exam. I want you to feel that once class ends that your money and your time were well spent.

I now have over 10,000 hours of classroom instruction, let me help you achieve your goal of passing the state licensing exam. You won’t regret coming to Uncle Bill because when you come to Uncle Bill U B Passing.

Bill Morrison

I took Uncle Bill's P&C course last week and passed the state exam with ease this week. He teaches the concepts in ways that you will retain it for the state exam. He is an awesome instructor and I highly recommend taking this course!

Kristen Eavey

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