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Self-Study with Online Review – $300

The self-study with classroom review includes all of the following:

  • My textbook, which is approved for pre-licensing,
  • unlimited access to on-line quizzes
  • 60 day subscription for my video series
  • and a live online presentation from Bill (Uncle Bill) Morrison.

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P&C (4Days) – Live Online


Jan 23-26, 2024

March 19-22, 2024

May 14-17, 2024

Sept 10-13, 2024

Nov 12-15, 2024


All  Classes will  be live Online.
Class time is: 9 am to approximately 5:00 pm every day for All Classes.

L&H (3 Days) – Live Online


April 16-18, 2024

Oct  15-17, 2024


All  Classes will  be live Online.
Class time is: 9 am to approximately 5:00 pm every day for All Classes.

Self-Study Only – $120

The self-study only includes my textbook, which is approved for pre-licensing and unlimited access to online quizzes. 

Videos – $60

Uncle Bill now has a complete video series for the P&C Class.  These videos can be used for preparation for the state licensing exam. They can also be used by anyone trying to have a better understanding of P&C.  These videos go over fundamental insurance concepts, P&C basic,  Homeowners, Personal and Commercial Auto, The Commercial Package policy including Property, Liability, Crime, Equipment Breakdown, Inland Marine and Farm.  Plus the topics of Businessowners Policies, Workers Comp and various other coverages. Though these videos are tailored to Michigan anyone looking to expand their knowledge of Property/Casualty insurance no matter what state they live in can benefit from these videos.

The videos are not part of the self study program meaning they are not required to complete your pre-licensing education nor are they included in the self study package, these videos are a separate purchase.  These videos are supplemental and do not require you to purchase any other products.  They would be extremely helpful for anyone preparing to take the state licensing exam but are not mandatory. All you get with this is the videos. The textbook and on-line quizzes can only be accessed by buying either the straight self-study or the self study with classroom review.

These videos alone will NOT be enough to receive a certificate of completion.  To earn a certificate of completion you must take either the straight self study or the self study with classroom review.

The videos are $60 and you will have access to them for 60 days.  If you would like to purchase access to the videos just click on the buttons below:

I took Uncle Bill's P&C course last week and passed the state exam with ease this week. He teaches the concepts in ways that you will retain it for the state exam. He is an awesome instructor and I highly recommend taking this course!

Kristen Eavey

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