P&C Final Exam

Notice, you are about to take the Final exam for your Property Casualty Certificate of Completion.  You MUST score 70% or better in order to receive a passing score.  If you do not pass the final, the results will only show which questions you got wrong and it will NOT tell you the right answer.  You are to take this quiz until you receive a PASSING score of 70%.  You will NOT receive a Certificate of Completion and you will NOT be able to take the State Exam unless you get a passing score of 70% or better.
Once you receive a passing score your results will be sent to unclebill.net and your Certificates of Completion will either be hand delivered or sent to you via e-mail.  You MUST have these Certificates with you when you go to the testing center or you will NOT be allowed to take the State exam.
Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!!
P&C Final: click here