The on-line quizzes are divided into several separate quizzes each one dealing with a specific knowledge area for the exam. The quizzes are set up so with each quiz only one question appears on the screen at one time, just like the actual state exam. The quizzes can be taken an infinite number of times and they are set up so that the questions and the answers are on shuffle. This way the quizzes will look different each time you take them. The purpose of the quizzes is to identify your weaknesses so that you can study more efficiently. Many quizzes are done either by pencil or paper or they are given in the same order every single time. This way of administering a quiz lessens the benefits of taking the quiz each time you take it. Other providers will offer you the types of quizzes I am providing but at an additional cost. With my class the quizzes are included at NO ADDITIONAL cost and are available to you 24 hours a day 7 days week for as long as you need them.
I have also added one more quiz to the line-up; it takes ALL the other quizzes and puts them into one giant quiz. Again all the questions and answers are on shuffle so it looks different every time you take it. My experience has shown that any student who takes these quizzes and can consistently score 90% or better WILL PASS the state exam. As long as you view these quizzes as a tool to understanding the concepts tested and NOT as a method of trying to memorize facts. If you do it this way then you will be successful on the state exam and then U B Passing!

Homeowners and dwelling quiz (Chapter 2)

Personal auto quiz ( Chapter 3)