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Bill Morrison aka Uncle Bill provides Michigan with proven effective exam prep courses for Life, Health, Property, and Casualty Insurance.  With expert instruction and more than 20 years of helping professionals prepare for their insurance pre-licensing examinations, Uncle Bill has developed a number of exam prep strategies and tools to fit any budget or study personality.

Study Packages and Tools

1. Self-Study with Online Review – $300

The self-study with classroom review includes all of the following:

  • My textbook, which is approved for pre-licensing,
  • unlimited access to on-line quizzes
  • 60 day subscription for my video series
  • and a live online presentation from Bill (Uncle Bill) Morrison.

The textbook will be mailed to you via priority mail and you should receive it within 1 to 4 days depending on where you live relative to the Detroit area.

The live online presentation will be for 4 days for P&C and 3 days for L&H starting at 9 am and ending approximately at 5 pm. You are not required to attend the entire review session but you are required to pass a final exam in order to receive your certificate of completion. The passing of the final exam will be greatly helped by your attendance.

Sample Schedule for Property/Casualty Class
Day 1 General Insurance Concepts and Homeowners property
Day 2 Homeowners liability, Personal Auto and State Law
Day 3 Commercial Package Policy
Day 4 Commercial Auto, BOP, Worker’s Comp and Miscellaneous

Sample Schedule for Life/Health Class
Day 1 General Insurance for both Life and Health (morning) Life Policies (afternoon)
Day 2 Life insurance Provisions and Annuities (morning) State Law (afternoon)
Day 3 Health Insurance

Note- Life ONLY students would attend the first two days Health ONLY students would attend the morning of the first day, the afternoon of the second day and all day on the third day.

2. Self-Study Only – $120

The self-study only includes my textbook, which is approved for pre-licensing and unlimited access to online quizzes. Once you pay for the class the materials will be mailed to you via priority mail and you should receive them within 1 to 4 days depending on where you live relative to the Detroit area.  Once you feel that you have mastered the material you can take your final exam. If you pass you will receive your certificate of completion and will be ready to take the state exam. If you do not pass then you will be told which answers you got wrong and will be asked to resubmit your final exam. This will continue until you receive a passing score on the final exam.
If after choosing the self-study only option you decide that you need to have classroom instruction then you would be allowed to pay the difference in the price and attend the live classroom review.

3. Videos – $60

Uncle Bill now has a video series for P&C and a separate video series for L&H. These videos cover all the basics of either course of study and are helpful for anyone trying to gain a better understanding of insurance concepts.  They can help someone already enrolled in my self study program. The videos can help students who have enrolled in a different pre-licensing program. Lastly it can help students even if they are taking an exam for a different state.

These videos cover almost all of the concepts on the Michigan content outlines including state law and will cover about 85% of what would be tested in other states.  These videos would NOT cover state law specific items in other states.

The videos are not part of the self study program meaning they are not required to complete your pre-licensing education nor are they included in the self study package, these videos are a separate purchase.  These videos are supplemental and do not require you to purchase any other products.  They would be extremely helpful for anyone preparing to take the state licensing exam but are not mandatory. All you get with this is the videos. The textbook and on-line quizzes can only be accessed by buying either the straight self-study or the self study with classroom review.

These videos alone will NOT be enough to receive a certificate of completion.  To earn a certificate of completion you must take either the straight self study or the self study with classroom review.

The videos are $60 and you will have access to them for 60 days.  If you would like to purchase access to the videos just click on the buttons below:

Uncle Bill in Action – Tips to Pass State Insurance Exam

P&C Tips to Pass State Exam – Peril Examples

L&H Tips to Pass State Exam – Dividends

I took Uncle Bill's P&C course last week and passed the state exam with ease this week. He teaches the concepts in ways that you will retain it for the state exam. He is an awesome instructor and I highly recommend taking this course!

Kristen Eavey

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